The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) program is recognizing the Gateway Cities Energy Leader Partnership for its commitment to professional development for building operators and to energy management. Making the investment in their local government and special district operator teams prepares them to support energy management and operational efficiency goals while providing their staff with a career path in energy efficiency and smart buildings. This BOC course is co-sponsored by Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas.

The attendees of the Gateway Cities Partnership BOC Level I course (pictured below) included staff from cities in the LGP. Gateway Cities ELP representative Rosie Kang stated “It is training programs like these that allow our cities to lead their communities by example within their own operations.” The Level I attendees will continue on to the BOC Level II course being offered in Fall 2018.

BOC Level I photo from Gateway Cities Energy Leader Partnership luncheon on February 21st.

The BOC program provides skill enhancement training to building operations and maintenance personnel through a coherent set of eight in-class training days focused on HVAC equipment, lighting technology, electric systems, energy conservation strategies, and building controls. The in class training consists of instructor led discussions, group activities, tool demonstrations, and peer exchange. Another key part of the training program is the facility project assignments. Students are assigned projects to complete at the facility where they work, giving them the opportunity to garner hands on experience with their building, its systems, and energy use data.

Shane Ellison, City of Downey said this about what he learned in BOC “Knowing the right level of lighting needed for our facilities is important and contributes to our energy efficiency efforts.” The BOC program helped Gateway Cities ELP building operations staff:

  • Increase the longevity and efficiency of building equipment
  • Reduce the risk of unnecessary capital expenditures
  • Mitigate revenue and productivity loss through preventative maintenance
  • Identify and implement low-cost/no-cost improvements

BOC can help government buildings meet energy and carbon legislative requirements while reducing expenses through efficient operations and maintenance. Many of the program’s classes are also aligned with the competencies identified by the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010 for the building operations professional. BOC supports goals outlined in the California Energy Efficiency Long-Term Strategic Plan. Discover course offerings in your area by calling 1-877-850-4793 or visiting the BOC web site at

The partnership is cosponsored by Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas.


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