Join the Advanced Water Heating Initiative as they bring together the major manufacturers of ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters to present a general overview of heat pump water heating, how it works and how it can save consumers money. Each manufacturer will also showcase their latest products and answer questions from consumers.

This webinar will be part of Heat Pump Water Heater Day. On October 26, join in on social media using the hashtag #HeatPumpItUp to share your HPWH resources, products, cost information, professional practices, projects, and insights on why you think this is a game changing technology. Connect with advocates, manufacturers, installers, homebuilders, and HPWH owners to showcase ENERGY STAR certified HPWHs and the ways they help create a better future. We will provide templates and other support to help participants with sharing on social media.

Learn More: Advanced Water Heating Initiative





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