how-to-icon-bocThe IFMA Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Stewardship Strategic Advisory Group (ESUS) has released the latest addition to the wildly successful Sustainability How-To Guide Series, Engaging Occupants in Your Sustainability Program: Strategies for Success. The guide, which is available for free download via IFMA’s Knowledge Library provides practical advice for generating the social momentum necessary to implement sustainable facility practices.

Authors Cynthia Putnam, Melanie Danuser, Lynn Clark, and Stephanie Randall Cooper address the critical human element of sustainability in the workplace. While popular attention is often focused on green technology, the fundamental behavioral shifts required to achieve sustainability require buy-in from building occupants and organizational leadership. Using case studies and real-world figures, the 54-page guide offers tangible advice to achieve this buy-in.

Download the How-to Guide for Free

This How-to Guide, one of 17 currently available,  was published for free in celebration of World FM Day 2016, is available for download here:

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