Bud OffermanToday we feature Bud Offermann, BOC instructor for our Indoor Environmental Quality courses.

Mr. Offermann has over 30 years experience as an IAQ researcher, sick building investigator, mitigation planner, healthy building design consultant, and expert witness. He is president of Indoor Environmental Engineering, a San Francisco based IAQ consulting firm (www.iee-sf.com), and directs an interdisciplinary team of environmental scientists, chemists, and mechanical engineers in indoor air quality building investigations, chemical emission rate testing and healthy building design projects. Prior to starting up Indoor Environmental Engineering, Mr. Offermann was a Staff Scientist with the Building Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Program, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA.

Bud teaches BOC classes on Indoor Environmental Quality in California. He is a big fan of the Grateful Dead and San Francisco Giants and a canoe enthusiast with more than 25 trips through Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

One thought on “Instructor Highlight – Bud Offermann”

  1. Interested in a class on filtering air ventilation air in the burn events we have been having in the West. Which is worse the gasses in the burn event or CO2 buildup if the ventilation is turned down or off?

    How to filter out the dangerous gasses from outside air in burn events. And what are the gasses.

    Should also include particle filtration for ventilation air and air scrubbing indoor air.

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