June 5 in Hudson, WI
June 6 in Middleton, WI
8 am–12 pm | $49

Hosted by Xcel Energy and Alliant Energy in partnership with Seventhwave

This half-day course provides an overview of typical power monitoring systems. Participants will be introduced to power monitoring terms and definitions and will learn the importance of integrating submetering into an energy management program.

Learn how demand charges, power factor and load factors impact system operation. We’ll discuss the operational and financial benefits of power monitoring.

Find out about typical metering hardware, their features, capabilities, and common applications. Get tips on installing basic to advanced metering techniques and discuss CT/PT operation and system types.

Finally, we’ll discuss typical software applications and functionality, including logging and alarming.

Participants will leave this course with a basic overview of the capabilities of power monitoring systems and best practices for implementing a power monitoring program.

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