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Under direction of Engineering Management, the San Diego Theatres Building Engineer is responsible for operation of the physical plant of the various building of the Civic Center Plaza, known as Central Power. This position may also assist the Heavy Duty Engineers for maintenance of all mechanical equipment, and plumbing and electrical systems within the Theatres complex.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, though other duties may be assigned.

  • First and foremost is a commitment to the culture and purpose of CREATE MOMENTS THAT MATTER for all employees, guests, and clients.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and an open mind.  Strive to create an atmosphere of cooperation, engagement, and respect. The remarkable experience of our guests begins with the remarkable experience of our staff.
  • Continuously develop personal understanding of SDT Mission, Vision and Values Statements.
  • Maintain an expert level proficiency of SDT and Engineering division policies and procedures.
  • Operate and control physical plant and all associated mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and subsystems, including fire and life safety systems and manning the emergency telephone in Central Power.
  • Maintain operational and temperature records for all machinery and systems in operation.
  • Make minor adjustments and repairs to all machinery and equipment in the Central Power.
  • Temporary and emergency repairs to plumbing fixtures and systems.
  • Test and maintain proper water treatment levels on all open and closed loop water systems.
  • Recording the electrical and water meter readings.
  • Communicating with email and telephone with other SDT departments.

View the full job description and application requirements HERE.

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