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First Review: August 16th, open until filled

The Buildings & Grounds (B&G) Director manages the B & G program for Jefferson County under the direction of the County Board of Commissioners and the County Administrative Officer. The Director plans, organizes and supervises the operations of the maintenance staff, and the Fair Coordinator. The B&G Department is responsible for property management of all County owned properties, buildings, and land which include duties such as managing the repair, upkeep/maintenance, construction/renovation/ADA compliance aspects of the county facilities including, but not limited to, nine buildings, 150-bed adult correctional facility, Juniper Hills Park, 65-space RV park, the operation of County cemeteries, and the Fairgrounds buildings and land including the administration/upkeep of the fishing pond. This position requires budgeting, long-term planning, for the County and for the Departmental goals.

View the full job description and application requirements here.

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