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Pennsylvania College of Technology is seeking an Energy Efficiency Coordinator to provide management, coordination, and client relationship development for NSSC’s commercial sector building operator training programs.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Build and maintain trusted relationships with business & industry to assess and identify educational & consulting needs.
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with vendors and certification societies/organizations as it relates to fulfilling the objectives of this position.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with funding agencies (federal and state government, utilities, and non-profit entities) for continued cooperation & coordination of projects.
  • Assist the Director in the development of budgets and timelines for NSSC’s commercial programs.
  • Assist the Director in maintaining budgetary accountability for NSSC’s commercial programs.
  • Develop annual marketing strategy and coordinate all marketing activities for NSSC’s commercial programs.
  • Develop and maintain marketing collateral (flyers, program guides, postcards, e-mail and social media outreach templates, etc.) for NSSC’s commercial courses and events.
  • Plan, coordinate, and troubleshoot classes, meetings, and group trainings of all commercial program offerings at locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
  • As needed, travel within the Mid-Atlantic states to assist instructional staff in the set-up, break-down, catering arrangements, and overall coordination of NSSC commercial program training and events.
  • Assist the Director in conjunction with administrative staff with creating and entering course information in the Training Management System.
  • Assist the Director and Learning Systems Coordinator in the creation and maintenance of curriculum, audio-visual aids, and e-learning modules to support commercial program efforts.
  • Deliver presentations and seminars.
  • Field and answer questions from public related to NSSC commercial programs.
  • Assist the Director and administrative staff in maintaining all student or client records associated with NSSC’s commercial programs in conjunction with the various funding sources.
  • Plan and coordinate periodic (annual) continuing education luncheons and workshops for certified workers.
  • Assist the Director with writing proposals, generating contracts, and initiating invoice requests for commercial program offerings.
  • Lead the exploration of new business opportunities related to education, consulting, or research in the field of energy efficiency for commercial structures.
  • Collect stakeholder feedback, industry best practices, information from subject matter experts, and collate in the form of recommendations to the Director for continuous program improvement.
  • Assist the Director in the innovation process for new training programs (synthesize stakeholder feedback, generate ideas, develop concepts, pilot new products and innovations, coordinate full launch to market).
  • Lead efforts to recruit and retain contracted instructor pool, onboarding process, and scheduling of all contracted instructors in commercial programs.
  • Under direct supervision of Director, coordinate reporting to partners, sponsors, and grant clients.
  • Identify and order instructional materials, supplies, and equipment to be utilized in commercial programs and maintain inventory of same.
  • Assemble and provide course materials and information to instructors prior to the start of courses.

Click HERE to view the full position description and application requirements.

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