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Closing: 8/10/2021 11:59 PM Pacific
Who we are: 
The Department of Enterprise Services’ (DES) mission is “strengthening the business of government.” DES does this through its vision of delivering high quality, cost effective support services, policy and governance to state government and other public entities so they can focus on their core missions. DES’s goals are to offer expertise in facilities & capitol grounds management, acquisitions, training & support, and various shared services. We relentlessly pursue our strategic drivers: satisfied customers, a healthy team culture and a financially healthy organization. We value Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We seek new team members who share our commitment to be an equity-driven and antiracist organization. We listen to customers and team members to understand what they need and expect. We promote creativity, learning and improvement to meet those needs and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We measure our results and seek feedback to improve our performance.

The Energy Program within the Facility Professional Services (FPS) division manages energy-efficiency and resource-conservation projects on behalf of state and local government facilities. The mission of the Energy Program is to provide comprehensive energy project management and other technical services to help our clients reduce energy and operational costs, and reach sustainability goals. The Energy Program vision is to be a national leader in energy efficiency, making Washington’s public facilities the most sustainable in the nation and reducing Washington State’s carbon emissions.

What you will be doing:
As an Energy Engineer, you will provide project management services and energy engineering technical assistance to support energy and resource efficiency activities in state agencies, public higher education, public school districts, and municipal facilities. You will also manage energy performance contracting projects and conduct research on a variety of energy related issues for Energy Program clients.

Who we are looking for: 
We are seeking an engineer with experience in building commissioning, energy engineering, energy auditing, project management, energy performance contracting, construction management, and/or utility engineering. You possess the ability to understand, evaluate and apply energy technologies in a facilities environment. You also possess excellent communication skills and will be able to clearly convey information to a large stakeholder group, including public sector agencies (State, K-12, Community and Technical Colleges, Universities, cities, counties, ports and other municipalities), engineers/architects, consultants, contractors and other staff within DES.

View the full job description and application requirements here.

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