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Why This is a Great Opportunity: 

This is THE opportunity to build Facility Management’s Resource Conservation Management Program and prepare our first County Facility Resource Conservation Plan. The successful candidate will organize and lead efforts to comply with the State of Washington’s Clean Building Standards and will be Facilities’ point person for the County’s Sustainability 2030 Plan. The Facilities Resource Conservation Program Manager (Planner 3) will provide advanced professional planning work in the area of energy efficiency in collaboration with peers in the Department’s Construction, Maintenance & Operations, and Administration Division.

Why It’s a Great Department: 

Facilities Management Department is proud of having a very positive work environment, with great supportive leadership at every level. Facilities Management’s mission is to provide quality spaces that are safe and ready to support Pierce County business each day. Providing well managed, safe and clean buildings, and doing that in the most environmentally-responsible and economically-sound way, sets the stage for all other county employees to be able to do their jobs. We work in an environment where open communication and collaboration is expected and encouraged. Learn more about the Facilities Management Department by visiting our webpage. Of specific note, please read our department principles that guide our work.

How to be Successful in the Role: 
Facilities Management was not idle during the pandemic. We designed a new Facilities Resource Conservation Program, launched an updated asset management system, advanced plans to extend maintenance and operations roles to buildings not previously under our management, developed a restructured budget, and saw several key personnel retire.
To be successful you will need to be knowledgeable in, and passionate about, all aspects of sustainability, with special emphasis on the impacts caused by the built environment. Your communications skills will help you engage staff ranging from subject matter peers to custodial staff to elected officials. Your ability to lead, coach and mentor staff will help grow the pool of collaborators necessary to design and deliver successful plans and projects.

Your Future in this Role: 

You will be the leader of a new program within Facilities meeting a current and ongoing need. County facilities will become subject to Washington’s Clean Building Standards starting in2026, with implementation continuing through 2029. You will be responsible for developing and implementing the program that will ensure continued compliance with new regulatory standards in a way that ensures that County government operations continue as seamlessly as possible.

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