The Lake Stevens School District in Washington is hiring a Manager of Facilities and Operations Services. This job listing was posted in early October and is open until filled. Application process is online.

POSITIONManager of Facilities and Operations Services

REPORTS TO: Executive Director, Operations

DIRECTS: Maintenance & Grounds Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, Energy Education Specialist, custodial staff

BASIC FUNCTION: The Manager of Facilities and Operations Services is responsible for the overall operation of the Facilities Group (custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy education) and the Transportation Department. The Manager ensures that the operation and maintenance of schools and buildings and the transportation of students is done in a safe, healthy and fiscally-responsible manner. The Manager will be responsible for: staff hiring, training and evaluation; budget oversight; problem-solving with members of the public and district staff; complete knowledge of labor agreements and ongoing facilitation of discussions with labor unions; and other duties as assigned.


Facilities Management Function

  1. Oversee maintenance, grounds, custodial, warehouse and energy education services.
  2. Establish goals of the program consistent with the district’s mission, vision and strategic goals and communicate these to students, staff, parents, and community.
  3. Work with Human Resources to recruit and hire qualified staff for open positions.
  4. Provide technical job related training to staff as needed.
  5. Use data from work order system and other sources to provide improvements in the performance of the departments.
  6. Coordinate the annual Building Condition Assessment
  7. Develop, plan, budget and provide for regular maintenance and upkeep of school district buildings and grounds.
  8. Assist in the development of long range plans to address the district’s facility improvement needs.
  9. In cooperation with staff, develop a process for selecting appropriate products for custodial, grounds, and maintenance.
  10. Collaborate with the School Safety, Security and Health Specialist to develop procedures for, and assist principals in maintaining district building security resulting in greater student and building staff safety.
  11. Collaborate with the School Safety, Security and Health Specialist to develop procedures for addressing and responding to emergency and intrusion detection calls and security issues.
  12. Assist in the development and monitoring of energy education goals.
  13. Develop standards for customer service, cleaning methods and materials.
  14. Evaluate custodians’ performance and direct plans of improvement. Work with Human resources in disciplinary issues.
  15. Provide initial training for new custodians, retraining for custodians in need of support and continuing professional development for all staff.
  16. Implement procedures for collecting, recording, and maintaining appropriate data for sound maintenance of records in compliance with federal, state, and local governments.
  17. Establish a system for receiving, storage, and allocation of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  18. Work with school and district leadership to evaluate and improve service levels.
  19. Establish, implement, and evaluate sanitation and safety standards for personnel, equipment and facilities to comply with federal, state, and local health and safety codes.
  20. Plan in-service training programs and regular staff meetings. Keep personnel informed of required health laws and good sanitation and safety practices. Plan programs for continuous professional growth and self-development.
  21. Develop and maintain effective communication and public relations through student, staff, and community involvement.
  22. Monitor and support PSE and Teamsters Local 763 negotiated agreements.

Transportation Department Function:
The Manager of Facilities and Operations Services will Collaborate with the Transportation Supervisor in……..

  1. The development and support of department goals.
  2. Working with Human Resources, and participating in the selection of qualified staff for open positions.
  3. Ensuring that routing is efficient and student time on buses is minimized.
  4. Responding to parent concerns about route and bus stops.
  5. The evaluation of roads in inclement weather and recommending a course of action for the opening of schools.
  6. Facilitating the development of transportation emergency plans and providing for their regular review and renewal.

Planning Function

  1. Stay educated and abreast of current regulations and assure the District is in compliance with Local, State, and Federal laws applicable to assigned areas; recommend changes in policies and procedures as needed.
  2. Develop a process with procedures that would make schools and fields safe and reduce/eliminate injuries and accidents.
  3. Develop procedures/system for tracking and monitoring monthly utility costs and take appropriate steps to conserve resources.
  4. Develop and monitor the budgets of assigned departments.
  5. Organize regular safety training for assigned staff.
  6. Investigate all accidents and injuries with assigned departments and prepare follow-up reports.
  7. Plan for major equipment purchases for each department as needed.
  8. Conduct specific management studies or policy analysis as they pertain to assigned departments.
  9. Review and make recommendations for maintaining and improving district policies in assigned areas of responsibility.
  10. Perform other related activities as required or assigned by the superintendent.

Human Resources Function

  1. Foster leadership growth, creativity, and flexibility in others.
  2. Serve on negotiations teams representing the district with the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource Services.
  3. Selects, hires, evaluates and promotes the growth of department supervisors.


  1. Five years’ successful supervisory work experience in a facilities management or operations leadership role.
  2. Experience managing facilities in a multi-location environment.
  3. Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, regulations, and policies as they apply to school districts.
  4. Knowledge of budget planning and control.
  5. Highly developed interpersonal communication skills.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, board members and the public.


  1. An AA or BA Degree in a Business management or related field. Qualifying experience, as determined by the Superintendent, may substitute for education.
  2. Additional training in the areas of institutional Building Operations or Operations Management.
  3. Washington State Drivers License. Must be willing to provide District with authority to receive a profile of driving record(s).


  1. Supervisors of Maintenance/Grounds and Transportation Departments
  2. Energy Education Specialist
  3. School Safety, Security and Health Specialist
  4. Executive Director, Operations
  5. Building principals, secretaries, and custodians
  6. Custodians, bus drivers and maintenance/grounds staff

EVALUATION: Will be evaluated annually by the Executive Director of Operations 


Work Days: 260
Vacation Days: Per Board Policy
Salary: $108,615.78 to $114,332.40

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