We’ve come a long way since the first commercially produced light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison in 1880. Today, the Light Emitting Diodes, referred to as LED light bulbs for short, continue to gain popularity. In fact, the LED lamp market is expected to grow to $25 billion by 2023.

Considering that the modern consumer is more educated than ever before, products need to be well made, energy efficient and as inexpensive as possible. While some people believe that the claims made about LED lights are just hype, the truth of the matter is that there are many reasons to choose LED lights above all others. So, what are the benefits are switching to LED?

1. Energy efficiency. 

2. Safety. 

3. Better for your general health and wellbeing. 

4. They don’t actually burn out or stop working; instead they simply dim over time.

5. Better results in cold temperatures. 

6. No delay when you switch them on.

7. A positive carbon footprint.

8. Generally, they’re environmentally friendly.

9. Highly resistant and able to withstand vibrations and other heavy impacts.

10. Improved productivity and ergonomics.

The following guide goes in to much greater detail if you’re interested in learning about the benefits of LED lights. It explains each of the benefits listed above and goes a long way toward reassuring the modern consumer who might otherwise be suspicious of the hype surrounding LED lights.

This article was provided by Jackie Edwards.

Now working as a writer, Jackie Edwards started her career in Environmental Health in the Public Sector, but after becoming a mom refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a strong interest in ecology, wildlife and conservation.

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