VRF Installation Best Practices

September 13 at 10am central time


Join MEEA for this free webinar on Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Installation Best Practices, presented by Kevin Frost from Slipstream and Matthew Rash from Mitsubishi. We will cover critical pre-design and post-design application and installation considerations to maximize VRF project success and energy efficiency. Topics will include zoning/application, cold climate provision, expansion compensation, vibration isolation, water source critical consideration, wiring, system evacuation, charge and cleanliness to enhance longevity and minimize failure rates and costly life cycle repair/replacements. This webinar will count towards one (1) BOC Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

MEEA will be touching on a field study where they monitored 8 buildings with submetering equipment across 4 Upper Midwest states. Through this work, they also interviewed 60 stakeholders regarding VRF – this included manufacturers, distributors, engineers, installers and owners.

Since the webinar is geared to building operators and engineers – most of the presentation will be for Mitsubishi to share “installation best practices.” Their research identified lack of qualified workforce and installation barriers as a major hurdle for this technology.

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