The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) is seeking qualified professionals or service companies to provide course management in the Building Operator Certification (BOC) program.

Individuals and companies in the Southern California area who meet the minimum qualifications will be considered for the Course Manager contracts in BOC courses scheduled within a 150 mile radius of their location. The Course Manager provides administrative support to the course instructors and participants over the 8-day course series (classes are typically one day a month). The time commitment is approximately 80 hours per course, including classroom hours. Duties include grading exams and projects; record keeping; organizing and maintaining classroom materials; coordinating logistics with the venue, caterers and instructor; acting as primary contact for students; managing make-up tests, projects; and managing the BOC certification process at the end of each course series with a goal of achieving 75% participant certification.

This request for qualifications is due by Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.

Full details are included in the solicitaitio PDF below:


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