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The Smart Buildings Center (SBC) is excited to share the news that the Building Operator Certification (BOC) program is adding an additional training curriculum and credential to our current offerings. The training, titled “Fundamentals of Energy Efficient Building Operations,” will be rolled out in the Fall of 2021. The content is designed for individuals who are new to commercial building operations and energy management, looking to get into the field, and those in management and supervisory roles looking for a high-level overview of building systems.

Participants are introduced to foundational principles for optimizing building efficiency, the interdependencies of key building systems, and the basics of measuring and benchmarking energy performance. This course lays a foundation for individuals to pursue an advanced career pathway focused on energy efficient building operations. Successful completion of the course (resulting in a Fundamentals Certificate) can be paired with one-year of experience for a student to meet eligibility requirements for BOC Level I.

“We are excited to introduce this new course/credential aimed at increasing the diversity of the operator workforce by providing access to an entry-level training program to inform underserved audiences of careers in buildings” said Melanie Danuser, Smart Buildings Center Director of Education & Training.

The content was developed and piloted in partnership with BOC’s licensed partner, the Clean Energy Center at Pennsylvania College of Technology. “We recognized a growing, industry-driven demand for a way to successfully onboard workers with little to no prior experience in maintaining commercial building systems and were eager to participate in the development of and pilot this new training program” said Alison Diehl, Clean Energy Center Director. “We are already seeing pilot program participants use this foundational course as a launching point for their career and a pathway to earn the Building Operator Certification credential.”

The content is derived from BOC Level I curriculum and provides a solid introduction to key concepts. “As a BOC instructor what I like best about Fundamentals is how it emphasizes the impact facilities professionals have on energy efficiency and sustainability on a day-to-day basis” said Maureen Roskoski with Facility Engineering Associates.

The training outline is as follows:

Part 1: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Overview
Part 2: HVAC Fundamentals
Part 3:  Lighting Fundamentals
Part 4:  Energy Conservation Opportunities

Part 5: Indoor Environmental Quality
Part 6: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance
Part 7: Conclusion: Putting It All Together

Full descriptions of each course module can be found here:

The course has been well received in its initial offerings and we are excited to bring it to NEEC territories, as well as offer the opportunity for BOC partners to license the curriculum and begin hosting training as soon as this Fall. To find information about an upcoming course in your region, please contact the nearest BOC partner:

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