Are you on the job market or looking for something new? Our friends at Port of Seattle are looking for an  Environmental Program Manager – Building and Facility Energy Diagnostician | Port of Seattle | LinkedIn

Here’s some more information on this exciting opportunity:

Be part of the greenest, most energy efficient Port in North America. In this position, you will support the Port’s Maritime Environment & Sustainability Department’s (ME&S) efforts to reduce maritime air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by leading a new maritime building audit program. You will manage building audits and other building investigations across the Port’s diverse portfolio of waterfront buildings and facilities and identify efficiency opportunities and inform sustainability improvements. You will also work on other projects or programs that support the Port’s building-related sustainability goals. You will work on a team and across Port departments, with other agencies, and with a wide variety of stakeholders, including portfolio managers, facility managers, maintenance, and trade workers, building tenants, and others to investigate, document, and inform strategies to achieve the Port’s goals.

  • You will be responsible for building energy audits and other environmental investigations across the Port’s diverse portfolio of owned and leased buildings and facilities.
  • You will identify and document technical and operational information, identify energy reduction and sustainability opportunities, and develop recommendations for improvements.
  • You will conduct the audits needed to comply with City of Seattle and Washington state building energy requirements, specifically Seattle’s Building Tune Up and Building Emissions Performance Standard and the Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard and inform the actions needed to achieve the Port’s strategic goals.
  • You will generate audit reports to document findings and recommendations and reporting needed to achieve compliance with city and state law
  • You will support building condition assessments, conduct commissioning, and retro-commissioning, and work with facility managers and asset managers to document building conditions and options for sustainability improvements.
  • You will be responsible for lighting audits of interior and exterior spaces across waterfront properties, manage utility rebates, and support project managers in various elements of project delivery.
  • You use building investigations to support other sustainability goals identified in the Port’s Sustainable Evaluation Framework policy.
  • You will work to support implementation the Port’s Maritime Climate and Air Action Plan (MCAAP), the Port’s Sustainable Evaluation Framework policy (SEF) and the development and implementation of the Seattle Waterfront Clean Energy Strategy (SWCES) and other related strategies and planning efforts.
  • You will work as part of a team, collaborate with other Port staff and consultant teams, maintain relationships with stakeholders and lead meetings and presentations.
  • You will have broad exposure to other Port work projects, opportunities to apply creative thinking and innovative approaches, and to grow professionally.

You can apply directly through Linkedin or get more information about this role here, or if you want to browse more roles at Port of Seattle click here.

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