Portland Public Schools is recruiting for a Maintenance – Laborer (Journeyman)”position. See the full job posting here: Maintenance – Laborer (Journeyman) Job Posting

Those interested in the position can apply directly to the PPS website and complete the “Classified” online application. Please call the Human Resources office at (503) 916-3544 if you need assistance completing the online application.

Portland Public Schools (PPS) is the largest school district in Oregon, serving 47,000 students, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, in 85 regular school buildings, as well as alternative schools, charter schools and specialized programs for students with special needs. The District is focused on deepening our understanding of institutionalized racism and its impact on student learning, and providing support for leading systemic equity transformation initiatives in the district and schools.


At PPS, our goal is that by the end of elementary, middle and high school every student by name is meeting or exceeding academic standards and is fully prepared to make productive life decisions.


Executes all work assignments from Foremen or Assistant Foremen with the craftsmanship expected of skilled trade journeymen and within the constraints of authorized expenditures and applicable district standards. Assures compliance with all applicable work rules and District policies. Complies with all federal, state, and local codes and regulations. Under general supervision, performs journey level work in the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of labor related tasks; may direct the work of other classified staff in the area; and perform other related work as required.


1. Assist skilled maintenance workers with projects (e.g. transporting and/or securing materials, completing specific tasks, etc.) for the purpose of completing projects in a safe, efficient manner.
2. Maintain a safe working environment for fellow employees and students.
3. Coordinate with skilled tradesmen and/or assigned supervisor(s) for the purpose of completing projects and work orders efficiently.
4. Maintain assigned vehicle, tools and equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability in safe operating condition.
5. Prepare written materials (e.g. repair status, activity logs, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities and/or conveying information.
6. Respond to emergency situations during and after hours for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
7. Repair school & office furniture, fixtures, and equipment including but not limited to desks, tables, chairs, window coverings, etc.
8. Prep and paint interior and exterior surfaces.
9. Perform general carpentry tasks including but not limited to hang whiteboards on a wall, hardware repairs/installation, replace small sections of flooring, bleacher board replacement, etc.
10. Transport and move various pieces of equipment using large trucks and/or trailers.
11. Perform concrete and asphalt repair.
12. Clean out storm water drainage and sumps by hand or with trailer-mounted vactor-pump.
13. Remove all glass, rocks, leaves and other parking lot and playground debris hazards utilizing sweeper vacuum truck.
14. Build steel frame scaffolding for various crafts.
15. May perform duties as a groundskeeper.
16. Assures positive working relationships between site personnel and the general public of the school district by interacting with personnel of the district and the general public in a positive manner while displaying high quality customer service skills.
17. Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:
1. Principles, practices and techniques involved in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, structures, offices and related facilities relating to the construction trade.
2. Federal, state and local laws, regulations and codes applicable to assigned areas of responsibility.
3. Safe work practices and safety equipment related to the work of the trade.
4. Commercial roofing practices and patching techniques.

Ability to:
1. Perform heavy physical labor including but not limited to: lift items up to and sometimes exceeding 50 pounds, push a full wheelbarrow across a school campus, move an upright piano up a handicap ramp, use a shovel to provide access to underground utilities,
2. Understand, interpret, explain and apply District policy and procedures governing assigned areas of responsibility.
3. Exercise sound, expert judgment within general policy guidelines.
4. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of District management, other governmental officials, contractors, vendors, employees and the public.
5. Follow and give oral and written instructions.
6. Maintain cooperative working relationships.
7. Coordinate with site personnel and other trades for the purpose of completing projects safely and with minimal disruption of services.
8. Estimate time and material costs for the purpose of determining costs for specific jobs.
9. Respond to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
10. Assist other personnel as may be required for the purpose of ensuring an efficient and effective work environment.
11. Demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for a diverse population.
12. Use a computer to read & write emails and to enter time documentation.
13. Operate heavy equipment and aerial equipment including man lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks, boom trucks, front-end loader, and dump truck.
14. May be required to perform asbestos removal in accordance with federal, state, DEQ, and school district rules and regulations as a DEQ certified asbestos worker.

Training and Experience:
1. High school graduate or G.E.D. equivalent.
2. Evidence of successful substantial work experience in this trade including recent experience. Must have at least 3-years of experience in the construction trade.

A valid state driver?s license is required. A Commercial Driver?s License (CDL) is preferred or the ability to acquire a CDL. Must be able to speak, understand and write English proficiently.

Must be able to lift 50 pounds, push a loaded wheelbarrow across a school campus, bend, crawl, stoop, stand, and sit for extended periods of time.

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