BOC is pleased to offer our first online blended learning course beginning in Spring 2015. In response to growing demand, this course offers the convenience of  one less day away from the facility, reduced travel time, and completion of the online modules at  your own pace to meet the deadlines. The course is a blend of classroom and online learning, with the classroom training to be held in Seattle, WA. Seven class dates will be held in the traditional classroom setting, with one class held online in a live webinar in combination with multimedia presentations. The online class is instructor-led, and supported by online discussion groups with peers and the instructor, projects, and instructor feedback. The class topic is BOC 1003 – Efficient Lighting Fundamentals. Online lessons are available 24/7 for completion by their due dates.

Requirements for the blended learning course remain the same as the traditional course:

  • Attendance at all classes
  • Completion of all project assignments
  • Passing grade of 70% or better on all exams


Schedule and location:

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