The last couple of years witnessed great advancement in LED lamp technology, availability and choices. A whole list of lamps from the ubiquitous A lamp to PAR, MR and full length tubular lamps as well as integrated design in incredibly efficient luminaires are abound. Understandably, cost continues to be the main barrier but that may not be for very long. One important issue that affects the life and performance of LED lamp has been consistently “heat management” and how well a lamp/luminaire design can pull heat away from that solid state lamp.  As our attention, and correctly so, focuses on light output, distribution and color we tend to forget the importance of heat management. A quick inspection of a lamp/luminaire should reveal how robust is the attached heat sink and how innovative the design around capturing that heat and moving it away from the lamp.  Most reputable manufacturer’s paid a close attention to just that and as a result we have a great variety of LED lamps and luminaires that perform very well, and when this requirement becomes mainstream it will translate into energy savings, maintenance savings, and environmental sustainability as well as good and attractive lighting solutions.

This month’s tip is provided by Alan Suleiman, California instructor for the BOC program. Alan teaches BOC 104 and 105 which covers efficient lighting fundamentals and systainable practices for building operations. Thanks to Alan for providing this month’s tip!

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