Feeling challeneged to improve lighting while simultaneously increasing your energy efficiency? This month’s tip addresses just that and is provided by E. W. Dovel, CEM, BOC 104 Instructor at our GA partner, Gwinette Technical College.

In most of my Building Operator Certification 104 classes we discuss some very specific and challenging lighting examples.  There are many pressing issues when it comes to lighting projects, not the least of which is budgets.  I am often asked, “how do I save money on energy and improve my lighting when I don’t have any budget?”  One in particular included an outdoor opportunity for energy savings and lighting improvement.  It also required some “political” balancing.  The project involves legacy fixtures with obsolete parts and a budget that limits replacement.  While retrofitting the existing fixtures was an option and was one being encouraged by “other” parties, the scope of work did not address concerns for warranty, maintenance and had some onerous language in the terms and conditions.  Our BOC graduate was able to take some of the measures taught and develop an alternative that would address the concerns AND accomplish the overall scope, energy savings and light improvement.  He felt comfortable pushing back at the manufacturer to get acceptable terms that would limit the liability to the agency in the long term.  This may have saved thousands of long term dollars.  His knowledge of what to do and how to do it leveled the playing field in the negotiations.  I cannot predict the future, but I believe that this project would have been a frustrating failure had he not gained the knowledge and the confidence in the BOC curriculum.

Interested in Building Operator Certification courses in GA? Visit the Gwinette Technical College BOC Training page.

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