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An interactive online building conference. Connect in conversation and develop the path to realize your goals.

Every Wednesday, June 24-July 29, 1:00 – 4:00 PM (EST)

What is this virtual event about?
Our global pandemic and climate emergency ask: How will you change? What will you choose to do? Passive House 2020 embraces these tough fundamental questions and provides you with actionable answers. You’ll get the framework for making system switches from best selling author Dan Heath. You’ll achieve clarity about the role of Passive House, in conversation with building developers who’ve done it. You’ll learn the inside story from industry leaders, including from Passive House Institute research scientists. And you’ll discover opportunities to leverage changing public policies, consumer awareness, and industry competence, to make built environments that support the business and life goals most meaningful to you. Join the conversation.

Join us at this live virtual co-creation event.
Participants from across the country will exchange ideas about opportunities to create change, discuss promising developments, and explore solutions through connection, learning and delving into alternative futures for chapters.

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