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Electrification Catalog 

As California and municipalities increase their decarbonization goals, building electrification is becoming increasingly important. New this year, we are offering more electrification classes. You will learn about the benefits of electrification and electric building technologies, including heat pump water heating, induction cooking, and heat pump space heating and cooling.

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Electric Vehicle Training

Are you considering the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV) and want to learn more about EV basics? This new on-demand class features the latest technologies, covers how an EV works in contrast to gasoline vehicles and how the differences in battery size impacts charging speed, driving range and performance. Learn what prospective buyers should know about costs and maintenance, charging and rates, and overall EV benefits.

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NEW: Indoor Agricultural Lighting Webinar

Sign up for our NEW Indoor Agriculture Lighting Efficiency Fundamentals class to learn how to approach energy efficient lighting in indoor agricultural operations that supports the health and growth of crops. This webinar addresses types of energy efficient equipment and the necessary lighting requirements for basic plant needs. Learn about the energy savings achievable with LEDs and lighting controls as well as how they relate to emerging indoor agricultural energy codes.

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