Winter is Coming! Consider the below tips to help you prepare for the winter season, save energy and avoid complaints:

  • Have a qualified technician test, clean and adjust your heating equipment.
  • Perform routine maintenance recommended by the manufacturer in your owner’s manual. This typically includes replacing dirty air filters; cleaning blower coils and heat exchanger surfaces; and adjusting belt drives, dampers valves and linkages.
  • Check thermostat accuracy.
  • Identify and repair leaky or disconnected ducts.
  • Caulk cracks around windows, doors and other openings.
  • Use Building data to check if pre-heat is coming on too early (how much time does it take to reach set point?)
  • Track weather data as well as climate data to anticipate morning recovery time
  • Open shades and blinds to take advantage of solar heating
  • Use either your BAS or individual data loggers to check that thermostat set points meet the room requirements
  • Install occupancy sensors to turn off lights when room is not being used.
  • Consider using LED holiday lights only

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