If you benchmark one or more properties in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, you’ll likely see a change in your buildings’ 1–100 ENERGY STAR scores and other source energy metrics in August 2018. That’s because EPA is updating performance metrics in Portfolio Manager based on the most recent market data available. This update is part of EPA’s standard process to keep ENERGY STAR metrics as current as possible, and reflective of current market performance.

The most recent market data available shows an overall improvement in the energy performance of the U.S. building stock in recent years. So when Portfolio Manager metrics are updated this August, ENERGY STAR scores and other performance metrics will, on average, go down. Your individual building’s ENERGY STAR score may increase or decrease, depending on your energy use, fuel mix, business activity, property type, and other variables.

Learn more and prepare

EPA is working to keep you informed and help you prepare for the 1–100 ENERGY STAR score updates. Visit www.energystar.gov/scoreupdates to find:

  • Details and a timeline for the 2018 metric updates
  • Guidance on how to prepare
  • Links to FAQs
  • Links to register for upcoming webinars and slides from previous webinars

Apply now for ENERGY STAR certification…especially if your score is close to 80! Applications submitted by July 26, 2018 will be assessed using currently available (pre-update) scores.

Because it is expected that most scores will be lower after the ENERGY STAR score update goes into effect on August 26th, ENERGY STAR wants to encourage building owners and managers to apply for certification early this year.

  • Applications received before July 26, 2018 and which require no significant follow-up or changes, will be guaranteed to be approved and awarded certification using the existing score models.
  • Applications received July 26 – August 26 may be evaluated using the updated score models, especially if significant follow-up or changes to the application are required.
  • Applications received after August 26 will be evaluated using the updated score models.

Capture your previous data.

  • When ENERGY STAR metrics are updated on August 26, 2018, the new calculations will be applied across all time periods, which means your scores and metrics for all historical benchmarking data will change. By applying this update across all time periods, you’ll continue to be able to analyze changes that are a result of your own activities, rather than changes in underlying market data.
  • After the metric updates are implemented, EPA will not be able to provide “before and after” score changes for individual buildings or portfolios. If you anticipate needing to document changes, you can download your pre- and post-update metrics in Excel using Portfolio Manager reports. To record this information and calculate changes, you’ll need to download the report prior to the August update and again after the update. This may be relevant if you’re participating in third-party certifications or incentives. Watch a step-by-step video on How to Generate Standard Reports in Portfolio Manager®.

The following reports may be helpful to capture historical data prior to the update.

  • “Performance Highlight” Report (for a portfolio-level, multi-year summary)
  • “Statement of Energy Performance” (for a building-level, 12-month performance period)

It is important to note that the EPA will not rescind prior ENERGY STAR certifications.

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