Join the University of Washington Integrated Design Lab for in-depth educational opportunities focused on the tools and skills required to assess high performance design. Intended for participants who understand high performance concepts, this course provides technical training for practitioners to bring state-of-the-art quantitative analysis into design practice. The course complements the AIA Getting to Zero series, and will provide training using commonly available design tools such as EQuest, DIVA for Rhino, Revit, and custom Excel spreadsheets.

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Sessions will be held at the Smart Buildings Center
in Seattle, WA from  8:30 AM-12:30 PM on the following dates:

Energy Modeling in the Design Process
Timeline and process for using energy modeling to achieve high performance design: Thursday, November 2
Understand how to fully realize high performance by examining the timeline and process for incorporating energy modeling in the design process. We will introduce the level of analytical detail that is required at each step of the design process in order to support data-driven decision-making.

2.Designing for the Perimeter Zone 
Understanding loads and implications for architectural design: Thursday, November 16
Contextualize loads that are introduced through the building perimeter, and how modeling can help inform higher performance architectural design. Implications for light, air, heat transfer, passive and active systems, materials, as well as user behaviors will set the stage for best-practice envelope design.

3. Multifamily Residential Energy Efficiency 
Forum discussion for understanding opportunities and barriers: Thursday, November 30
Implications for high performance multifamily residential will be explored through a forum discussion, raising awareness of the opportunities and barriers for energy and water efficiency in this prevalent building typology.

4. Quantifying Performance Beyond Energy
Tools for Water, Materials, and more: Thursday, December 14
Explore high performance building concepts beyond energy including water efficiency concepts, quantification, and implementation; materials selection aiming at environmentally and healthy choices; and other topics to be identified in partnership with series participants.

The total cost for the packaged Fall offerings is $350.
Please inquire for al a carte rates and offerings

Questions? Contact Heather Burpee at or 206.616.6566

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