Chris Mozian

Meaningful adjustment: BOC lessons helped Chris Mozian perceive and describe the compressed air situation as no other had. He, his supervisor Mark Marshall and their air compressor vendor worked with Connecticut Light & Power to install new compressors to reduce the overall facility air pressure to 90 psi and provide a separate compressor for the equipment requiring 150 psi. The reduced operating pressure required less power and greatly minimized the impact of leaks in the compressed air system. Mark Marshall estimates that the more tailored air compressor system saves Bayer $11,000 per year. Enhanced perception: The BOC course acquainted Chris with state of the art diagnostic equipment and explained how useful it might be in a specific facility. Chris was then able to inform others about a system to view airflow patterns within a facility, which could reveal the source of dust in clean rooms at Bayer.

The BOC course also inspired Chris to install programmable thermostats in the main office area of the facility. Now four separate zones serve this area, providing more comfort to workers. The programs ensure that target temperatures always adjust at the right times, so that opportunities to save energy are not missed.

“Since taking the BOC course, I have been able to save money, save energy, and improve occupant comfort at my facility. For example, I have spotted inefficient filters on new equipment and installed better ones to increase the life of the HVAC units. I have recommended economizers on equipment and we actually use the economizer feature.”