Darcy Sullivan

Even with 24 years experience in facilities management, Darcy Sullivan felt she could learn something from BOC training. The Public Works Department, where she works as a facilities management specialist, was committed to fulfilling the energy efficiency mandate in Executive Order 13123. They hired an Energy Manager, and Darcy wanted to be a part of the effort. “The energy efficiency component of my job is important” and BOC training offered her a way to become aware of opportunities for improvement.

Since earning her certification, she’s had many opportunities to apply lessons from training to real work on the job. “Darcy is my go-to person for resolving energy efficiency issues with contractors,” says Kevin Evans, Resource Efficiency Manager, for Whidbey NAS. Her primary responsibility entails oversight of work performed by the base’s maintenance contractor. She accompanies Evans on walk-abouts to monitor contractor work, initiate new projects, and communicate customer feedback. Evans cites a recent example where she mitigated a communication problem between two groups of contractors during a recent lighting retrofit. With Darcy’s help, he was able to work with the contractors to get the problem corrected. “We now have a smooth flow of dialogue about energy issues,” said Evans.

In addition to supporting Evans’ resource efficiency initiatives, she is looking at other projects through the efficiency lens. “We have a continuous maintenance inspection program which includes cyclical and planned maintenance activities, and the energy component is important,” said Sullivan. Since going through BOC, for example, she looks at lighting and HVAC system projects as opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

Jerry Pate and Gerald Bernhardt, also of Whidbey Naval Air Station, hold BOC certification.