Robert Daley

“BOC gave me a real advantage”. That’s what Robert Daley tells BOC program staff about his recent hire as the Director of Facilities at the Cypress School District in Southern California. When Daley applied and was interviewed for his new job, he had just completed his 2002 BOC I training and earned his certification. “I had two very intimidating job interviews, which included school board members, superintendents and business administration staff,” said Daley. “But with the knowledge I had just gotten in the BOC classes, I felt prepared and self-assured.” Daley says that the interviewers seemed impressed with his command of all facility systems and his being prepared to save on their operating budget.

In his new position, Daley oversees a facilities staff of 50 and is responsible for 10 schools in his district. “This BOC training is really, truly of great value. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to progress in this field. I am planning to take the BOC II training.”