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While our community is moving through the first phase of recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to move forward with you. Now through Sept. 1 all Business Lighting incentives are at least 50 percent higher, up to 70 percent of the project costs.


  • Components and screw-in lamps: $0.19 per kWh (up from $0.125)
  • Retrofit kits and new fixtures: $0.27 per kWh (up from $0.175)
  • Fixtures with controls: $0.34 per kWh (up from $0.225)
  • LLLC fixtures: $75 per fixture with occupancy and daylight controls


  • TLEDs: $4 per lamp (up from $2 per lamp)

To learn more, visit

These increased, limited-time only incentives are effective for projects submitted now through Sept.1, 2020.

Contact an Energy Advisor with any questions at or 800-562-1482.

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