Orange sunny backgroundLooking for more ways to save energy during the summer cooling season?

Check out these tips to keep your building running efficiently and keep occupants comfortable:

  • Keep programmable thermostats set to match building occupancy schedules. Modern programmable thermostats and building automation systems will automatically adjust the start time of the HVAC to ensure adequate warm-up time. Be sure to stagger start stop times of large loads to at least a 15 minute time frame to minimize peak kW billing.
  • Make sure your system is operating within the building min/max temperature policy set points.
  • Shade windows, doors and skylights with awnings, sunscreens and blinds.
  • Shut off HVAC systems and exhaust fans when the rooms they serve are unoccupied unless health codes require constant ventilation.
  • Turn off air conditioning when not needed.
  • If you are in a mild climate and your building has an automation system with an outside air economizer system, consider ventilating the building at night with outside air. This strategy lowers the temperature of the overall building mass, resulting in a smaller cooling load during the day while providing fresh air for occupants in the morning.

Find out more about building scheduling in the article “Equipment Operates During Unoccupied Hours” on the  BetterBricks website.

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