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You’re invited to share your “reality check” for an upcoming panel on the realities – including challenges and opportunities – of delivering deep energy retrofits in commercial and residential buildings.

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Retrofit reality check: Overcome challenges and maximize opportunities in commercial and residential buildings

We need to perform roughly 3.5 million deep energy retrofits per year to reach net zero emissions by 2050. People who deliver retrofits say it’s time for a reality check on what it takes to do the work.

Facility managers are busy. Retrofits are costly and financing can be hard to find. Contractors need training that they might not always be able to access. Homes might need critical repair before an energy retrofit. Supply chain issues. Labor shortages. The list goes on.

On June 14 – as part of Net Zero Buildings Week – Slipstream will host a webinar that confronts the realities that experts who deliver building retrofits encounter.

Click here to register now.

Wednesday, June 14

11:00 a.m. to noon Central Time

For more information be sure to follow the New Buildings Institue and our partners at SlipStream.

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