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Join us on March 11th for an Engineer Skills Hour presentation on Refrigerants: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going.

The use of refrigerants is widespread, in varying applications from food safety and medicine preservation to air conditioning in our vehicles and buildings. This presentation will examine the past and current landscape of refrigerants in relation to building operation, including environmental impacts, regulatory considerations, and end-of-life disposal. We will discuss the history of refrigerants, looking at factors that caused the shift away from natural refrigerants to synthetics. We’ll also look at new products and regulations on the horizon, and why the industry is trending back toward natural refrigerants, with many benefits including increased energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and financial savings.

1. Understand the past, present, and outlook of refrigerants in building systems
2. Describe the environmental impacts of refrigerants
3. Recall regulatory implications and best practices for end-of-life disposal
4. Describe the benefits of natural refrigerants

Lunch will be provided by Smart Buildings Center.

Presented By: Melissa Sokolowsky, Senior Project Manager, Smart Buildings Center
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time: 12PM-1PM
Location: BOMA Office – 1420 Fifth Ave, Suite 1250, Seattle, WA 98101

Who Should Attend?
Property Managers
Emerging Professionals



View the 2020 Engineer Skills Hour Schedule here.

Please contact Justin Wallander for questions.

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