Our BOC partner in the state of New Mexico, Santa Fe Community College, has earned the Energy Professional Development Award from the New Mexico Association of Energy  Engineers.

These awards are given to organizations and individuals who promote good practice in the energy industry. Winners will be honored at the September 22 meeting and banquet at Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque.

BOC training is offered in the state of New Mexico through SFCC. For more information about their program, visit their website.

The New Mexico Association of Energy Engineers chapter was established in 1988 due to diligent efforts of a few founding members including the first Chapter President, Lynne Behnfield Thomas. Over the years, the leaders and membership have represented concerned citizens, controls contractors, energy equipment representatives, design engineers, public utilities (esp. PNM), New Mexico government (esp. Energy Conservation and Management Division of EMNRD) plus other institutional facilities ( including local school districts, city, county, state, military, federal governments and national laboratory employees).


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