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The Smart Buildings Center (SBC) and Building Operator Certification (BOC) program are proud to announce the 2021 BOC Operator of the Year: Bryan Watson, Facility Coordinator for Stryker Corporation in Portage, MI!

Bryan with his BOC Operator of the Year Award

Earlier this year, BOC requested nominations for people working to improve the energy efficiency of their work environment using skills they learned in the BOC program. We received many impressive nominations detailing how methods learned in BOC classes are helping people make improvements in their work environments, but Bryan’s story stood out among the rest.

In his role as Facility Coordinator, Bryan is responsible for management of building operations and maintenance, including scheduling and temperature setbacks, adjusting economizer settings, and monitoring CO2 levels in a portfolio of Stryker’s buildings. Bryan works to identify opportunites for system upgrades and secure rebate incentives from the local utility for boilers, HVAC units, air compressors, roof replacements, heat recovery projects and helped to install an enhanced BMS system for Stryker’s local buildings.

After completing BOC Level I & II, Bryan conducted an energy audit which revealed millions of dollars in savings opportunities, and he then began implementing energy efficiency projects at his facility. Some of Bryan’s recent accomplishments are detailed below. Bryan was able to secure rebates for many of these upgrades through Consumers Energy, the local utility, and the resulting energy savings positively impact Stryker Corporation’s bottom line.

  • Installed nozzles on 1/4″ lines used in a cleaning process at the drill press which reduced the CFM of compressed air used to clean parts by 80%. Added additional valves to the manifolds that supplied the air and further reduced the flow of compressed air by another 75% at each manifold. This reduced the overall flow by over 100 SCFM operating no less than 8,000 hours per year.
  • Worked with mechanical contractors to make sure facility had the best filters for HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Upgraded filters and changed the fresh air intake settings so the systems would turn over more air and introduce more fresh air into the spaced serviced.
  • Worked with a contractor to conduct a compressed air leak study which revealed leaks in the manufacturing facility and throughout the plant. Stryker was able to obtain incentives through a rebate that covered the entire cost of the leak study, and Bryan was able to perform the repairs for very little cost resulting in saving as much as $15,000 per year in electrical costs.
  • Purchased a new 200 HP air compressor and removed two old and inefficient 220+ HP compressors that were less efficient and having internal drying issues.
  • Worked with a contractor to install duct work so heat that has been exhausted through the roof is now put back inhouse as a heat source during winter months now saving natural gas and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Received rebates for installing new, more efficient HVAC units in spaces that were having difficulty cooling during summer months.
  • Received rebates for replacing nearly 700 fluorescent fixtures (6 lamp 4 ft T8s) with new HI-Bay LEDs.
  • Received approval for a new roof replacement over half of our 805,000 sq ft building.

Bryan says BOC Level I & II offered a great deal of practical and usable information on how to best operate a building efficiently and offer great indoor environmental quality for the occupants. He’s proud that he’s able to help Stryker work toward their carbon reduction and energy savings goals by utilizing skills he learned in the BOC courses.

The SBC and BOC program applaud Bryan on his efforts to improve the energy efficiency of Stryker Corporation’s operations and congratulate him on being named as 2021 BOC Operator of the Year!

Know someone who deserves recognition for their work in the industry? Nominations will open for the 2022 BOC Operator of the Year award in May, so stay tuned!

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