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The Smart Buildings Center (SBC) and Building Operator Certification (BOC) program are proud to announce the 2022 BOC Operator of the Year: Matthew Wardell, Building Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Kentwood, Michigan.

Each year, BOC requests nominations for people working to improve the energy efficiency of their work environment using skills they learned in the BOC program. We received many impressive 2022 nominations detailing how methods learned in BOC classes are helping people make improvements in their work environments, but Matt’s story stood out among the rest.

In his role at the City of Kentwood, Matt manages nine city buildings, four of which are staffed 24 hours a day. Matt was pivotal in completing the Consumer’s Energy Building Tune Up Program in four City of Kentwood owned buildings from 2020 to 2022. The buildings were benchmarked using Energy Star Portfolio Manager, and all four buildings were significantly improved by Matt’s efforts. His BOC training and hard work translated into the following:

  • Energy savings in the four buildings of a total 586,592 kWh annually
  • $46,927 in annual electric cost savings
  • Energy savings equaling 21% of the total buildings’ energy use
  • The City Hall’s Energy Star score increased by 114%
  • The City Hall’s Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) decreased by 23.5%

Matt believes BOC training is valuable because it touches on the many different aspects of energy conservation. He has found BOC training to be helpful as it builds and expands on knowledge in the many different areas of operating healthy and efficient buildings. The thing he enjoys most about his work is having a positive impact.

The SBC and BOC program applaud Matt on his efforts to improve the City of Kentwood’s building energy performance and congratulate him on being named as 2022 BOC Operator of the Year!

Know someone who deserves recognition for their work in the industry? Nominations will open for the 2023 BOC Operator of the Year award in May, so stay tuned!


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