The City of Seattle offers a no-cost program to support building owners and operators to meet the WA State Clean Buildings Performance Standard. The program includes group training sessions with tailored support and coaching, and an educational website. OSE encourages owners and operators of buildings
that serve or are in frontline communities* to join this program. Two dozen building owners and operators have already taken the free training sessions and are on the path to comply! Attend an info
session to learn about the program and the next training session starting in September:

*Frontline communities include black people, Indigenous people, sovereign tribal nations, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, youths, elders, houseless people, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people,
people with low and no income, and people who work in outdoor occupations. This can include many types of buildings like non-profits, buildings with BIPOC-owned small businesses, healthcare, museums, shelters, community centers and more.

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