Shoreline Public Schools in WA is hiring a Resource Conservation Coordinator in their Maintenance department. This job listing was posted in early September and is open until filled. Application process is online.

TITLE: Resource Conservation Coordinator
LOCATION: Shoreline Center
HOURS: 40 hrs per week – FLSA Exempt
SALARY: Per Prof Tech CBA

Monitors, analyzes and evaluates utility usage in all district facilities and develops initiatives to minimize operating costs and promote environmental stewardship.


  • Monitors, analyzes, and evaluates utility usage in all district facilities and develops initiatives designed to minimize operating costs and promote environmental stewardship. Provides ongoing review and evaluation of District utility usage and conservation program effectiveness.
  • Compiles and analyzes District utility service information. Verifies meters, accounts, invoices, and services and maintains information on District usage, incorporating building square footage/occupancy and weather data. Develops and maintains a resource usage and cost accounting system to monitor, evaluate, and provide feedback on District utility costs and consumption.
  • Maintains library of utility rates; evaluates rate changes; tracks reduction in utility usage due to building modifications and conservation practices; and creates, compiles, and distributes progress reports to schools and district management.
  • Reviews utility invoices for abnormal use patterns, correct charges, and correct service types; works with District staff and utility companies to coordinate billing adjustments; tracks District savings resulting from billing errors.
  • Develops, recommends, and implements strategies to promote, educate, motivate, and communicate energy and water conservation techniques at District schools and facilities. Collects and analyzes data to determine effectiveness of programs. Establishes incentive and recognition programs for District sites which have documented behavioral changes for conservation.
  • Provides training to District staff and others on District resource conservation initiatives and various recycling and waste management topics. Composes materials to publicize programs and events; prepares and delivers presentations to various organizations, governmental agencies; educational programs, fairs, and other groups; provides reference documents to District staff. Serves as primary District resource for staff, parents, students, and the public regarding questions pertaining to water and energy conservation and usage.
  • Assists District staff in developing or updating existing curriculum materials to incorporate educating students in comprehensive energy consumption and conservation techniques which may be applied in various environments, the relationship between energy consumption and the environment, conservation goal development, and progress monitoring techniques for improving the environment.
  • Researches external funding opportunities; organizes and produces data for applications in accordance with agency requirements; monitors and maintains records to comply with organization/agency auditing requirements.
  • Maintains records in accordance with department regulations, District policies, and state, local, and federal statues and standards.
  • Completes required local, state, and federal reports related to new facilities.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

The incumbent must have the ability to travel between facilities to review buildings and environmental factors relating to utility usage and conservation programs.

  • Indoor and outdoor work depending on task.
  • Stand, kneel, or squat for prolonged periods.
  • Ability to lift over 50 pounds.
  • May be exposed to hazardous fumes and solvents.


  • Two year college degree in environmental science, facility management, or related field, OR substantially equivalent experience.
  • Certification as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) preferred.


  • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with diverse groups of people, including staff, students and the public.
  • Knowledge of energy conservation and waste prevention methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of program evaluation and implementation methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of utility resources analysis and evaluation methods and techniques.
  • Knowledge of general accounting system practices.
  • Skills in computer operation including databases, spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software.
  • Knowledge of DDC systems for gathering information.
  • Ability to compile and analyze statistical data, identify trends, propose and implement corrective measures.
  • Ability to develop and conduct effective training programs to educate staff and students.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and persuasively in person, over the telephone and in writing.
  • Ability to establish and maintain accurate manual and automated filing and record keeping systems.
  • Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision and establish work priorities.
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and multi-task with frequent interruptions. Possess strong work ethic.

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