The article “Data Loggers Identify Hidden Energy Waste”  ran in the July 2012 issue of BUILDINGS magazine and highlights the benefits of data loggers in identifying energy waste. Dataloggers can help determine solutions to problems in facilities’ HVAC systems. These fixes don’t have to be huge projects, like retrofits or installing new systems- dataloggers can help you maximize your energy efficiency through simple steps like behavior changes and tweaks to your existing system.

“Systems can go faulty at any time,” says Evan Lubofsky, director of marketing for Onset. “They can fall out of tune relatively quickly and easily, and data loggers help you get them tuned back up.”

Mr. Lubofsky will be present at the upcoming BOC workshop “Energy Diagnostics Using Data Loggers & Building Automation Systems” in September. For more information and to register,  click here.

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