So you are thinking about a new daylighting control system to save energy? Or do you already have a daylighting system in place, but it is not properly being executed? Using a daylighting system can significantly save energy. The Energy Center of Wisconsin is offering a free webinar “Implementation of successful daylighting control systems” on their site. The webinar has comprehensive details about the background of commissioniong for a daylighting system, background information on systems and use, ideas about how to control performance and an analysis about the findings.

This month’s tip was suggested by Olga Gazman, Manager of Training for the BOC Program. She oversees BOC curriculum development and educational technology, ensuring relevance and vitality of BOC in addressing the operator skill standard. These skill standards present the core skills required for building personnel to operate a high-performing facility in today’s commercial built environment, focused on improving facility energy usage and maintaining efficient systems. Ms. Gazman also supports the BOC national partner network and their instructor teams, as well as the advancement of partnerships with peer organizations in the business of training facility professionals.

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