BOC Instructor, Alan Mulak

The first Wednesday of each month, we will share a tip from the BOC program. This month’s comes from Alan Mulak, an instructor with the BOC program in the Northeast region. Alan talks about O&M tasks that need to be completed in the fall.

With summer winding down and the heating season still some weeks away, now is the time to tackle some of those shoulder season O&M tasks.  One in particular that can pay big dividends is a HVAC filter survey, replacement, and repair (as necessary).  This task can be accomplished by an intern or part time maintenance assistant and starts with rolling out those HVAC as-built drawings.  These documents will identify all ductwork and air handler filters and locations.  Next, a “field trip” is required to make sure the proper filter is in the proper location.  Square filters should not be in rectangular openings and visa-versa.  Further, filters should have a MERV rating of 6 or more and be constructed of pleats and fabric.  The old fashion plastic filters made from ground up Coke bottles are not filters…they are at best, bug catchers.  And of course, change them if they have been in place for 6 months or more.  After all, a clogged filter becomes a dam which results in many O&M problems.  By making sure your filters fit properly and are of modern design, you will be ready for the heating season.

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