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Washington State University’sExtension Energy program is asking for feedback on the following questions. Once they receive feedback, we will share it here on the BOC blog. Email your experience to

What happens when your aging HVAC controls system has seen better days and it is time to either update or replace?  How do/did you make the decision? What type of system to go with?  These are some of the questions that are facing several Consortium members currently.  We are looking for guidance from those that have gone through this process recently.  Here are a few questions that may be helpful in jump starting your thoughts

  1. Do you stay with what you had or switch to a new control system?
  2. What do/did you look for in a controls system?
  3. Should the controls system be open architecture?
  4. Do I accept a proprietary controls system where I am locked in with one company?
  5. What are the positives/negatives of having a proprietary controls system?
  6. What guidance did you provide to your engineering firm in design and construction documents to get what you wanted?
  7. No one ever likes to get stuck with a system that you can’t control or maintain

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