Are you interested in continuing your education in the Facilities Management field? The University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education unit is proud to offer a Facility Management Certificate.

During the program, you will learn to manage, direct and lead staff in various roles. Understand how to communicate with tenants, negotiate with contractors and respond appropriately to facility emergencies. Gain expertise in working with blueprints, technical documents, computer-aided facility management software and automated facility management and computerized maintenance management systems to help you better manage projects and site monitoring. Create plans, documents and cost analyses for future development in line with strategic business objectives.

The course is offered online and suited for everyone from individuals interested in entering the field or enhancing their knowledge to industry-related professionals such as architects, designers and safety engineers. For more information on the program, please visit the program website.

One thought on “University of Washington Facility Management Certificate”

  1. I have a bachelor degree in psychology and am currently working in maintenance management. I’m interested in getting a certificate in facility management to add to my current bachelors degree.

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