Earn BOC credential maintenance points through these upcoming trainings:

August 28, 2018: HVAC Design Strategies to Reduce Data Center Cooling Costs (Smart HVAC Series)
In our webinar, learn how to implement the right HVAC equipment and strategies to reduce cooling costs in data centers, which are higher than in traditional commercial facilities.

September 18, 2018: Achieve Better Chiller Control
Learn how to drive down your HVAC system’s energy consumption while improving comfort and occupant satisfaction with optimization technology, control and automation options, and smart energy management strategies.

September, 27, 2018: 7 Most Essential NFPA® Standards for Building Owners
This course takes an in-depth look at codes and standards applicable to the design, construction, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of a building. You’ll not only gain an understanding of crucial life-saving resources and requirements but also identify areas of accountability in regards to applying these important codes and standards.

October 4, 2018: Hot Strategies for Efficient Cooling
This webinar will demonstrate how to rein in your energy spending by implementing efficiency measures.

October 11, 2018: Common Pitfalls When Installing HVAC Sensors
In this course we will walk you through some of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them when installing HVAC sensors on walls, in ducts or outdoors.

November 8, 2018: VRF: Best Practices for Integration and Operation
This webinar will present an overview of VRF, including what it is, how it works and how this scalable system delivers HVAC energy savings.

Path to Energy Savings in the Building Envelope
Our webinar discusses sustainable design and construction for roofing and envelope by identifying the best practices and materials to improve energy efficiency.

How to Future-Proof Your Building
This course will discuss an approach to assessing the resilience of existing buildings, from the portfolio level down to the individual building level. It will include an overview of DNV GL’s B-READY building resilience tool, which helps building owners and managers translate climate-related, site-specific risks into actionable resilience strategies.

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