Smart Buildings Center celebrated its grand opening last week

BOC encourages building professionals in WA state to check out the SBC and to take advantage of the Tool Lending Library. The library’s entire inventory is available for checkout online to any WA state organization or resident. 

The following information is shared courtesy of the Smart Buildings Center blog.

Over 200 people came to see our new space in the historic Pacific Tower! It was an amazing event and we need to thank all of those who could attend. We will share a few pictures of our space in this post but please stayed tuned, in the coming weeks we will put together a more comprehensive post of our office and event center.

conference room with big table
Look at our beautiful conference room, wait till you see the view!
people milling about talking
Guests filled up our new training and event space.
board members smiling
Dan McConnon and members of the NEEC Board

L to R: Ash Awad from McKinstry, Dan McConnon from Washington State Department of Commerce, Stan Price from NEEC, Perry England from MacDonald-Miller, and Jordan Lerner from Schneider Electric.

Checking out the Tool Library

During the event we were able to show off our new Tool Lending Library (TLL) which now houses over a 1,000 tools. Of the 75 different categories of tools we had around 20 available for attendees to demo. The TLL is now open to the public, please complete our Tool Request Form if you are interested in borrowing an item. Learn more here.

tools laid out and ready in the library
The TLL is open and ready for your tool requests!
testing out a tool in the library
Hey, watch where you point that thing!
square steel box for testing tools
The Tool Lending Library will also have many technical displays that can show how specific tools would be set up in the field.

The event was a great success, we are so excited to be able to share our space with you!

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