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As we move toward smart buildings and a smarter world, more technologies have become available to manage our built environments. But which ones do we choose? With this abundance comes ambiguity: There is no standard definition or path for accomplishment.

For existing environments, lighting can be a critical entry point for networked lighting controls. It is an infrastructure that is already in place, having long served the basic purpose of illuminating space. It is already operational with wiring in place, running a defined course through the walls, ready and capable of taking on a new level of functionality.

This webinar will explore what this functionality looks like and where the ambiguity kicks in. Working with retail, commercial and industrial businesses to deliver LED lighting, controls and internet of things (IoT) solutions, we have seen a standard conversation emerge between our clients and controls manufacturers that indicates the lack of clarity for which path to follow. This webinar will provide four options for moving forward with an advanced controls solution.

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