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Are you a building owner who needs to comply with a mandatory benchmarking requirement? Do you have little or no experience using EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool?

Join us for a new, three-part webinar series on the basics of Portfolio Manager. Learn the ins and outs of the Portfolio Manager tool and get to know the benefits of energy efficiency and energy management.

Using the tools in these training sessions, you can feel confident submitting your building data for compliance. In Part 1, you will learn the basics of Portfolio Manager and everything you need to submit your benchmarking report, while Parts 2 and 3 will take you beyond submitting your report to improving your building by understanding your building’s performance and helping you make a plan to reduce energy consumption and costs.

All webinars are at 10 am PT

Part 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Portfolio Manager for Benchmarking Law Compliance — January 26th 

Part 2: Using Benchmarking Results to Understand your Building’s Performance — February 24th 

Part 3: To Efficiency and Beyond! How to Benefit from Benchmarking Compliance with Strategies for Improving your Energy Performance — March 30th 

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