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Managing Your Facilities through Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is uncharted territory, creating new facility management questions every day. What steps can we take to improve indoor air quality and safety? Do we need to upgrade filters before employees return to the office? Can we just lock the doors and walk away until shelter-in-place orders end?

McKinstry experts are ready to sift fact-based best practices from misinformation across engineering, commissioning, operations and maintenance, retrofits and more. Gather your questions and register for our interactive Q&A sessions.

April 10: 11:00 PDT | Preparing Facilities for Coronavirus | Learn More and Register
April 15: 11:00 PDT | Putting Facilities in Temporary Sleep Mode | Learn More and Register
April 17: 11:00 PDT | Adapting Healthcare Facilities for Covid-19 | Learn More and Register

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