BOC and BOMI (Building Owners and Managers Institute) International recently announced an exciting partnership that will provide additional education opportunities for both organizations by awarding competency credit between BOC Level I and II and BOMI International’s Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Programs.

For BOC Level I and II Graduates:

BOC Level I & II Graduates Receive Credit Towards BOMI SMT/SMA Designation

Receive competency credits for two of the five SMT designation courses:

  1. Electrical Systems and Illumination 
  2. Energy Management and Controls

To earn a SMT designation, you must complete the remaining three courses. Refer to BOMI International’s competency brochure (PDF 428k) for more information.


Cost for the two course credit is $475 (includes $175 for the one-time enrollment fee). Coursebooks can be purchased for each course for an additional $100/coursebook plus s&h.

How to Apply?

Complete and submit SMA Competency Application form (PDF 176k) with application fee and proper documentation to BOMI International.

Continuing Education Hours

BOC graduates will receive 24 continuing education hours upon successful completion of an SMT course as long as the student takes the course and successfully passes the exam. To apply, complete and submit application, CPD Interactive Verification form (PDF), to BOMI International.

Earning your SMT Designation

BOC graduates must complete the remaining three courses to earn the SMT designation. Courses may be taken in the order, and via the delivery method preferred. BOMI International prices vary according to the delivery method preferred. Visit BOMI International’s website for current course schedule, course cost, other designation programs, and policies. To earn a SMA designation you must first earn your SMT designation.

Exams and Fees

Students must successfully complete an exam for each remaining course administered through BOMI’s testing provider. Testing Fee for each course is $60. Retake and re-registration fees are $100.

Students have a six-month eligibility period to schedule and take their exam. Note: classroom options vary across the United States and prices vary depending on the course sponsor.

For BOMI SMT/SMA Graduates

BOMI SMT/SMA Graduates Receive Credit Towards BOC Level I & II Training Certificates of Completion (TCOC)

Receive competency for four of 13 classes toward NEEC’s BOC Level I and II. The BOC is comprised of two levels offering classes that provide energy-efficient management strategies proven to transform workplaces by saving an estimated $.03/sf on electric utility costs per year:

Level I: Building Systems Maintenance

  1. Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems
  2. HVAC Controls Fundamentals

Level II: Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  1. HVAC Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  2. HVAC Controls and Optimization

To earn a Level I and II TCOC, SMT/SMA graduates would be eligible to test out on the nine remaining classes. Pricing for each test is $60. Upon completion of the test, credit will be awarded. If the test is not successfully completed, or the graduate chooses to attend a BOC class prior to taking the test, cost for each class is $275, including the test. Learn more about the BOC program.


Cost of the four BOC course credit is $300.

How to Apply

To apply, complete and submit BOC Competency Application form (PDF 193k) with payment and proper documentation to NEEC.

Continuing Education Hours

BOMI International graduates will receive one (1) CPD point for every hour spent in BOC classes and webinars. Participants interested in applying credit earned from these activities will be required to provide BOMI International with verification of program participation. To apply, email for more information.

Contact Information

BOC contact: For any questions regarding competency credit and requirements, email

BOMI International’s Contact: For any questions regarding competency credit and requirements, email