The BOC Benefit

No matter where your building is located or what it is used for, there’s one powerful tool that will make it run more efficiently: operator education.

Building systems are complex and interdependent. To get the most out of them, operators must be able to see the big picture. The Building Operator Certification® (BOC) program teaches facilities personnel to understand these systems and bring them collectively to peak efficiency.

Independent research shows that BOC credential-holders consistently save money and energy in their facilities – up to $20,000 a year – thanks to energy conservation projects, air quality improvements and other initiatives. For specific examples, take a look at case studies featuring BOC graduates.

What’s the Benefit for Building Owners?

When you invest in educating your facility staff, you see immediate returns. At BOC, we teach operators to find practical, low-cost and no-cost efficiency solutions by working with existing systems. We also show them how to create a preventive maintenance program that improves the building environment and prolongs the life of equipment.

What’s the Benefit for a Facility Department?

We teach BOC graduates to better communicate with occupants so they can improve comfort while maximizing facility efficiency. That makes your staff more responsive and effective, raising the profile of your department with your employer, the people you serve and other teams you work with.

What’s the Benefit for an Operator?

When you earn a BOC credential, you don’t just improve your job performance. You also set yourself apart in the field. Employers appreciate the bottom-line savings you deliver and recognize you as a professional who cares about quality and efficiency.