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The term ‘smart building technologies’ is not just a buzz word according to this socPUB article which describes how these technologies are here to stay. The article states that “intelligent, more aware buildings are being developed to offer unprecedented levels of energy and resource efficiency, organizational management, general optimization, and improved occupant health and productivity.” The article goes on to site a Memoori report which reveals that “the global market for IoT in buildings will grow from $34.8 billion at the end of 2017 to $84.2 billion by 2022.”

At our next ‘Why Smart Buildings?’ event we’ll dive into the conversation around what smart building technologies have to offer the commercial building world and how to create a compelling business case for investing in these technologies.

Join us for lunch and hear from unbiased experts in the industry that have real world experience in implementing smart technologies at the Why Smart Buildings? Creating a Compelling Business Case on September 17th at the Pacific Tower from 11:30am – 2pm.  We’ll also be hosting a Tool Lending Library Open House directly after the event — we hope you can join us!

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